ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System
First Italian Manufacturer of PCB transformers with ISO Certified Quality System.
Technical primacy
Our LLC integrated resonant transformers establish the top levels of efficiency and power density on the market.
European standard EN 61558
Technical Committee
We participate to the TC96‘s regulatory work concerning the EN61558, as a CEI effective member.

LCC integrated resonant transformers

It is the most efficient switching topology, but only optimized magnetic components prevent from wasting its potential
  • Wide range of standard products on stock.
  • Losses optimized considering also skin and proximity effects.
  • Extremely short SMPS design time.
  • Consulting service for converter design available.
Verify our achievements
with simple harware configurations
Power density
per cubic centimeter
Consistency and full ZVS
already verified by design
from the order for design and sampling
Led drivers, an exemplary application!
QUALITY, EFFICIENCY and CONVENIENCE are strategic to win the competitive market
Any more doubts on LLC resonant topology?
We can help you, maybe


We are cooperating with the first tier IC Manufactures in the development of demo-boards and custom designs.

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applied to each process
Every activity, from first request to delivery, through design and production, is managed and controlled by dedicated softwares, mostly proprietary.
of production processes
The production equipments and softwares are conceived and realized by our R&D department, using the most advanced technologies.
Vision systems and statistic analysis on test values ensure total quality.
is energy efficiency
ITACOIL is efficiency.
We are committed to reducing the energy impact of our activities and that of the devices realized by our customers.
We are a Zero Impact® company, powered by renewable energy.