Resonant transformers – preferred sizes

  • Preferred sizes optimal for high efficiency LLC resonant converters, with integrated resonant inductance.
  • Suited for converters based on chips produced by ST Microelectronics, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, Motorola, NXP, Power Integrations, Infineon, International Rectifier and many others.
  • Operating frequency 40KHz to 300…600KHz.
  • High creepage/clearance/DTI for reinforced insulation according to EN61558, EN60950, etc.
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Layout Continuous Power 3D File
22A 115W
24A (1) 115W
26B (1) 190W
31A 230W
34A (1) 240W
37A 300W
40A (1) 400W
50A 450W
52A 700W

(1) Standard tanks available on this size

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