A wide range of standard LLC Integrated Resonant Transformers meeting all the most common requirements is always on stock.
All the standard LLC Integrated Resonant Transformers are UL Recognized Components.

Custom products, developed in a few days upon the customer’s specific requirements, ensure the best performance in terms of efficiency, cost and dimensions.

In the last decade our company has stood out for achieving the best results, becoming technological leader of the market.
It is also evidenced by our demoboard optimizations, shown on our website and available here.

The design of an optimal tank and its transformer usually requires many calculations and test iterations, also due to the constraints of correlation between the transformer’s physical structure and the obtainable inductance parameters.
Our LLC or LCC design service bypasses these issues and, above all, allows to generate feasible and consistent designs, relating to the ZVS retention and the optimization of losses, with great benefits for the outflow of design resources and time to market.

The resonant topology allows SMPS design with excellent performance in terms of efficiency and EMI noise emission.
Moreover, unlike the flyback topology, it is particularly suited for supporting a temporary power even much higher than nominal power.

Visit this page for further details on the benefits and drawbacks of this topology.

See a comparison between LLC and LCC topologies here.