Common Mode Inductors – SCQ Series

  • Square Core Common Mode Inductors for EMI mains line and data line filters.
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression and good differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences.
  • High insulation between windings.
  • Excellent performance/dimensions ratio.
  • Custom Square Core Common Mode Inductors on request.
Square core common mode inductor
Code Nominal inductance Nominal current Mains rated voltage
SCQ16103 2×10 mH 1,6 A 250V
SCQ16153 2×15 mH 1,25 A 250V
SCQ16273 2×27 mH 1,04 A 250V
SCQ16393 2×39 mH 0,83 A 250V
SCQ16473 2×47 mH 0,74 A 250V
SCQ16683 2×68 mH 0,61 A 250V
SCQ16104 2×100 mH 0,52 A 250V

The 3D file can be downloaded from the pdf sheet

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