Common Mode Inductors – SCF Series

  • Square Core Single Layer Common Mode Inductors in different dimensions.
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression and good differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences.
  • High insulation between windings.
  • Best performance/dimensions ratio.
  • Custom Common Mode Inductors on request.
SCF Square Core Single Layer Common Mode Chokes
Code Min inductance Nominal current Mains rated voltage
SCF1212038 2×7.0 mH 1.92 A 250V
SCF1212045 2×9.0 mH 1.67 A 250V
SCF1212052 2×11.0 mH 1.42 A 250V
SCF1212H052 2×11.0 mH 1.42 A 250V
SCF1515037 2×7.0 mH 3.02 A 250V
SCF1515040 2×8.0 mH 2.25 A 250V
SCF1515050 2×12.0 mH 2.36 A 250V
SCF1515069 2×21.0 mH 1.26 A 250V
SCF1520H100 2×36.0 mH 1.12 A 250V
SCF1918035 2×5.0 mH 4.11 A 250V
SCF1918050 2×10.0 mH 2.81 A 250V
SCF1918062 2×15.0 mH 2.20 A 250V
SCF1918073 2×20.0 mH 1.50 A 250V
SCF1918H078 2×22.0 mH 1.43 A 250V
SCF2418048 2×10.0 mH 3.65 A 250V
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