Transformers for SMPS

  • Preferred sizes for flyback transformers and similar low power transformers.
  • Suited for converters based on any controller.
  • High dielectric strength and reinforced insulation to meet safety requirements.
Flyback transformers
Layout Power (1) Max Dimensions
E10A 0-2W 12,5 mm 16,3 mm 13,6 mm
E12A 2-6W 14,2 mm 20,6 mm 10,3 mm
E13A 4-8W 14,8 mm 19,3 mm 14,7 mm
E16A 7-15W 17,3 mm 19,3 mm 14,2 mm
E20A 15-25W 21,7 mm 25,6 mm 16,6 mm
E25A 20-45W 26,7 mm 19,4 mm 31,7 mm
E25B 40-70W 26,9 mm 33,2 mm 21,7 mm
E25C 20-45W 28,4 mm 33,7 mm 20,4 mm

(1) For reference only; Power range refers to offline flyback converters; the actual max power depends on the design details and features.
The power can be 20% or more higher in low input voltage or functional insulation flyback converters, 100% higher in push-pull converters.


The 3D file can be downloaded from the pdf sheet

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