Common Mode Inductors – SCLE Series

  • Linear Common Mode Inductors, available in different sizes and versions.
  • Sectional windings versions for better filtering at high frequencies.
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression and good differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences.
  • High insulation between windings.
  • Excellent performance/dimensions ratio.
  • Custom Linear Common Mode Inductors on request.
Linear common mode inductors
Nominal inductance
Nominal current
Mains rated voltage
SCLE085012×0,5 mH1,39 A250V
SCLE081022×1,0 mH0,97 A250V
SCLE082222×2,2 mH0,68 A250V
SCLE084722×4,7 mH0,45 A250V
SCLE081032×10 mH0,3 A250V
SCLE081832×18 mH0,235 A250V
SCLE083332×33 mH0,175 A250V
SCLE086832×68 mH0,118 A250V
SCLE081242×120 mH0,09 A250V
SCLE16102SCLE16V1022×1,0 mH2,3 A250V
SCLE16222SCLE16V2222×2,2 mH1,64 A250V
SCLE16332SCLE16V3322×3,3 mH1,37 A250V
SCLE16472SCLE16V4722×4,7 mH1,18 A250V
SCLE16103SCLE16V1032×10 mH0,79 A250V
SCLE16183SCLE16V1832×18 mH0,6 A250V
SCLE16333SCLE16V3332×33 mH0,44 A250V
SCLE16683SCLE16V6832×68 mH0,3 A250V
SCLE16124SCLE16V1242×120 mH0,24 A250V
SCLE20V1022×1,0 mH3,5 A250V
SCLE20V2222×2,2 mH2,44 A250V
SCLE20V4722×4,7 mH1,69 A250V
SCLE20V1032×10 mH1,13 A250V
SCLE20V1832×18 mH0,85 A250V
SCLE20V3332×33 mH0,63 A250V
SCLE20V6832×68 mH0,44 A250V
SCLE252222×2,2 mH4 A250V
SCLE254722×4,7 mH2,75 A250V
SCLE251032×10 mH1,93 A250V
SCLE251832×18 mH1,39 A250V
SCLE253332×33 mH1,05 A250V
SCLE256832×68 mH0,76 A250V
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