Power and EMI Drum Inductors – SLD series

  • Radial Drum Inductors for power, EMI, etc.
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio.
  • Available in the Design kit.
  • Custom versions on request.
Radial drum inductors
CodeNominal inductanceNominal currentSaturation current
SLD060810010 μH2,6 A3,22 A
SLD060815015 μH2,1 A2,67 A
SLD060822022 μH1,72 A2,2 A
SLD060833033 μH1,4 A1,77 A
SLD060847047 μH1,26 A1,51 A
SLD060868068 μH1 A1,24 A
SLD0608101100 μH0,85 A1,04 A
SLD0608151150 μH0,7 A0,84 A
SLD0608221220 μH0,61 A0,69 A
SLD0608331330 μH0,5 A0,57 A
SLD0608471470 μH0,4 A0,48 A
SLD0608681680 μH0,3 A0,4 A
SLD06081021 mH0,27 A0,33 A
SLD06082222,2 mH0,2 A0,22 A
SLD06084724,7 mH0,1 A0,15 A
SLD060810310 mH0,08 A0,1 A
SLD081010010 μH4,11 A5,13 A
SLD081015015 μH3,45 A4,17 A
SLD081022022 μH2,9 A3,39 A
SLD081033033 μH2,39 A2,85 A
SLD081047047 μH2 A2,33 A
SLD081068068 μH1,63 A1,97 A
SLD0810101100 μH1,36 A1,62 A
SLD0810151150 μH1,15 A1,33 A
SLD0810221220 μH0,95 A1,1 A
SLD0810331330 μH0,77 A0,9 A
SLD0810471470 μH0,62 A0,75 A
SLD0810681680 μH0,52 A0,62 A
SLD08101021 mH0,42 A0,52 A
SLD08102222,2 mH0,29 A0,35 A
SLD08104724,7 mH0,2 A0,24 A
SLD081010310 mH0,14 A0,16 A
SLD091210010 μH5 A5,91 A
SLD091215015 μH3,93 A4,76 A
SLD091222022 μH3,42 A3,98 A
SLD091233033 μH2,78 A3,31 A
SLD091247047 μH2,24 A2,75 A
SLD091268068 μH1,91 A2,3 A
SLD0912101100 μH1,66 A1,89 A
SLD0912151150 μH1,36 A1,54 A
SLD0912221220 μH1,09 A1,27 A
SLD0912331330 μH0,91 A1,04 A
SLD0912471470 μH0,77 A0,87 A
SLD0912681680 μH0,63 A0,72 A
SLD09121021 mH0,52 A0,6 A
SLD09122222,2 mH0,35 A0,4 A
SLD09124724,7 mH0,23 A0,28 A
SLD09126826,8 mH0,18 A0,22 A
SLD091210310 mH0,17 A0,19 A
SLD121510010 μH8,94 A9,55 A
SLD121515015 μH6,58 A8 A
SLD121522022 μH5,02 A6,58 A
SLD121533033 μH4,37 A5,38 A
SLD121547047 μH3,44 A4,55 A
SLD121568068 μH3,22 A3,84 A
SLD1215101100 μH2,53 A3,18 A
SLD1215151150 μH2,09 A2,60 A
SLD1215221220 μH1,72 A2,13 A
SLD1215331330 μH1,41 A1,75 A
SLD1215471470 μH1,16 A1,46 A
SLD1215681680 μH1,03 A1,22 A
SLD12151021 mH0,83 A1 A
SLD12152222,2 mH0,58 A0,68 A
SLD12154724,7 mH0,38 A0,46 A
SLD121510310 mH0,27 A0,32 A
SLD161847047 μH5,1 A6,64 A
SLD161868068 μH4,77 A5,49 A
SLD1618101100 μH3,71 A4,56 A
SLD1618151150 μH3,15 A3,68 A
SLD1618221220 μH2,52 A3,08 A
SLD1618331330 μH2,13 A2,51 A
SLD1618471470 μH1,75 A2,09 A
SLD1618681680 μH1,5 A1,75 A
SLD16181021 mH1,22 A1,44 A
SLD16182222,2 mH0,82 A0,97 A
SLD16184724,7 mH0,59 A0,67 A
SLD161810310 mH0,39 A0,46 A
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