Integrated Resonant Transformers with PFC

  • Integrated Resonant Transformers with PFC. Transformers for LLC resonant power supplies with PFC pre-regulator stage.
  • Integrated Resonant Transformers meeting most needs in the 18…120Vdc, up to 440W continous and 990W peak ranges.
  • Suited for all the controllers on the market.
  • Power supply efficiency up to 96% and beyond with simplest hardware solutions, without synchronous rectification.
  • The most compact Resonant Transformers on the market, obtained through a deep optimization.
  • High creepage/clearance/DTI for reinforced insulation, according to EN61558, EN60950, etc.
  • UL Recognized Component.
  • Usually on stock.
  • Custom versions design or tank customization on request.
Itacoil transformers for LLC resonant converters with integrated inductance
UL Recognized Component Mark
026.018.990.01 18Vdc 125W 990W
034.018.950.01 18Vdc 175W 950W
024.024.330.01 24Vdc 50W 330W 24Vdc 100W 200W
026.024.500.01 24Vdc 125W 500W
034.024.730.01 24Vdc 150W 730W 24Vdc 165W 290W
034.024.420.01 24Vdc 220W 420W
040.024.600.01 24Vdc 340W 600W 28,5Vdc 100W 135W 28,5Vdc 100W 180W
026.029.520.01 29Vdc 120W 520W
034.029.460.01 29Vdc 220W 460W 30Vdc 90W 120W 30Vdc 100W 145W
034.036.990.01 36Vdc 190W 990W 36Vdc 210W 270W
026.042.420.01 42Vdc 165W 420W
024.048.350.01 48Vdc 80W 350W 48Vdc 110W 200W
034.048.820.01 48Vdc 130W 820W
026.048.500.01 48Vdc 145W 500W 48Vdc 185W 290W 48Vdc 190W 240W
034.048.430.01 48Vdc 240W 430W
040.048.460.01 48Vdc 440W 460W 56Vdc 115W 185W 56Vdc 180W 250W
034.056.480.01 56Vdc 240W 480W 58Vdc 100W 140W 60Vdc 90W 125W 60Vdc 100W 150W
034.060.470.01 60Vdc 220W 470W 96Vdc 120W 240W
034.096.500.01 96Vdc 270W 500W
034.110.330.01 110Vdc 240W 330W
034.118.360.01 118Vdc 265W 360W 120Vdc 130W 190W
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