Multiple Active PFC Inductors – SFLEV25 series

Multiple Active PFC Inductors – for active PFC Transition-Critical-Boundary Mode
• Suitable for Wide range and European range mains voltage
• Three inductance values for the best performances in a wide application range
• Four aux turns ratios available for bias and zero current detect
• Multiple Active PFC Inductors designed for a good compromise between dimensions/cost and frequency/ripple containment
• Low power loss for high PFC efficiency and negligible inductance drop
• Also suitable for buck and boost converters
Customized items on request

Multiple active PFC inductors
Code Input voltage range Inductance (pins) Max output power Output voltage range
SFLEV2501 90…264Vac 333 μH (3-4) 135W 390…440Vdc
546 μH (2-4) 105W 390…440Vdc
798 μH (1-4) 87W 390…440Vdc
180…264Vac 333 μH (3-4) 290W 390…440Vdc
546 μH (2-4) 220W 390…440Vdc
798 μH (1-4) 180W 390…440Vdc

The 3D file can be downloaded from the pdf sheet

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