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Efficiency in LED drivers

ITACOIL collaborates with electronic designers conceiving magnetic parts for a better result in SMPS projects.

The use of standard integrated transformers allow to easily resolve the LED lighting sector’s needs.

In the last few years Itacoil invested for the capability of giving the customers the opportunity to realize their projects with the minimum design effort.

The need for high efficiency in power supply systems for LED lighting and in general the ever increasing request for energy efficiency, both for operating economy and for compliance with the recent regulations on energy efficiency, led to a revaluation of LLC-LCC resonant topologies in the last few years.

The major active components manufacturers on the SMPS market have included in their catalogues efficient chips that allow, with a low complexity level, to realize SMPS with a 94…96% (and beyond) efficiency, with reduced EMI problems compared to other topologies, thanks to the “Zero Voltage Switching” and to the substancially sinusoidal high frequency currents.