SMD Inductors – SLDS Series

  • Shielded SMD Inductors for power, EMI, etc.
  • Supplied in tape&reel for automatic assembly.
  • Custom versions on request.
Image module
CodeNominal inductanceNominal current
SLDS0703100F10 μH1.68 A
SLDS0703120F12 μH1.52 A
SLDS0703150F15 μH1.33 A
SLDS0703180F18 μH1.20 A
SLDS0703220F22 μH1.07 A
SLDS0703270F27 μH0.96 A
SLDS0703330F33 μH0.91 A
SLDS0703390F39 μH0.77 A
SLDS0703470F47 μH0.76 A
SLDS0703560F56 μH0.68 A
SLDS0703680F68 μH0.61 A
SLDS0703820F82 μH0.57 A
SLDS0703101F100 μH0.50 A
SLDS0703121F120 μH0.49 A
SLDS0703151F150 μH0.43 A
SLDS0703181F180 μH0.39 A
SLDS0703221F220 μH0.35 A
SLDS0703271F270 μH0.32 A
SLDS0703331F330 μH0.28 A
SLDS0703391F390 μH0.26 A
SLDS0703471F470 μH0.24 A
SLDS0703561F560 μH0.22 A
SLDS0703680F680 μH0.19 A
SLDS0703821F820 μH0.18 A
SLDS0703102F1000 μH0.16 A
SLDS0704100F10 μH1.84 A
SLDS0704120F12 μH1.71 A
SLDS0704150F15 μH1.47 A
SLDS0704180F18 μH1.31 A
SLDS0704220F22 μH1.23 A
SLDS0704270F27 μH1.12 A
SLDS0704330F33 μH0.96 A
SLDS0704390F39 μH0.91 A
SLDS0704470F47 μH0.88 A
SLDS0704560F56 μH0.75 A
SLDS0704680F68 μH0.69 A
SLDS0704820F82 μH0.61 A
SLDS0704101F100 μH0.60 A
SLDS0704121F120 μH0.52 A
SLDS0704151F150 μH0.46 A
SLDS0704181F180 μH0.42 A
SLDS0704221F220 μH0.36 A
SLDS0704271F270 μH0.34 A
SLDS0704331F330 μH0.32 A
SLDS0704391F390 μH0.29 A
SLDS0704471F470 μH0.26 A
SLDS0704561F560 μH0.23 A
SLDS0704680F680 μH0.22 A
SLDS0704821F820 μH0.20 A
SLDS0704102F1000 μH0.18 A
SLDS12043R9F3.9 μH6.50 A
SLDS12044R7F4.7 μH5.70 A
SLDS12046R8F6.8 μH4.90 A
SLDS12048R2F8.2 μH4.60 A
SLDS1204100F10 μH4.50 A
SLDS1204120F12 μH4.00 A
SLDS1204150F15 μH3.20 A
SLDS1204180F18 μH3.10 A
SLDS1204220F22 μH2.90 A
SLDS1204270F27 μH2.80 A
SLDS1204330F33 μH2.70 A
SLDS1204390F39 μH2.10 A
SLDS1204470F47 μH1.90 A
SLDS1204560F56 μH1.80 A
SLDS1204680F68 μH1.50 A
SLDS120482F82 μH1.30 A
SLDS1204101F100 μH1.20 A
SLDS1204121F120 μH1.10 A
SLDS1204151F150 μH0.95 A
SLDS1204181F180 μH0.85 A
SLDS1204221F220 μH0.80 A
SLDS1204271F270 μH0.60 A
SLDS1204331F330 μH0.50 A
SLDS12051R3F1.3 μH8.00 A
SLDS12052R1F2.1 μH7.00 A
SLDS12053R1F3.1 μH6.00 A
SLDS12054R4F4.4 μH5.00 A
SLDS12055R8F5.8 μH4.40 A
SLDS12057R5F7.5 μH4.20 A
SLDS1205100F10 μH4.00 A
SLDS1205120F12 μH3.50 A
SLDS1205150F15 μH3.30 A
SLDS1205180F18 μH3.00 A
SLDS1205220F22 μH2.80 A
SLDS1205270F27 μH2.30 A
SLDS1205330F33 μH2.10 A
SLDS1205390F39 μH2.00 A
SLDS1205470F47 μH1.80 A
SLDS1205560F56 μH1.70 A
SLDS1205680F68 μH1.50 A
SLDS1205820F82 μH1.40 A
SLDS1205101F100 μH1.30 A
SLDS1205121F120 μH1.10 A
SLDS1205151F150 μH1.00 A
SLDS1205181F180 μH0.90 A
SLDS1205221F220 μH0.80 A
SLDS1205271F270 μH0.75 A
SLDS1205331F330 μH0.68 A
SLDS1205391F390 μH0.65 A
SLDS1205471F470 μH0.58 A
SLDS1205561F560 μH0.54 A
SLDS1205681F680 μH0.48 A
SLDS1205821F820 μH0.43 A
SLDS1205102F1000 μH0.40 A
SLDS12071R2F1.2 μH9.80 A
SLDS12072R4F2.4 μH8.00 A
SLDS12073R5F3.5 μH7.50 A
SLDS12074R7F4.7 μH6.80 A
SLDS12076R1F6.1 μH6.60 A
SLDS12077R6F7.6 μH5.90 A
SLDS1207100F10 μH5.40 A
SLDS1207120F12 μH4.90 A
SLDS1207150F15 μH4.50 A
SLDS1207180F18 μH3.90 A
SLDS1207220F22 μH3.60 A
SLDS1207270F27 μH3.40 A
SLDS1207330F33 μH3.00 A
SLDS1207390F39 μH2.75 A
SLDS1207470F47 μH2.50 A
SLDS1207560F56 μH2.35 A
SLDS1207680F68 μH2.10 A
SLDS1207820F82 μH1.95 A
SLDS1207101F100 μH1.70 A
SLDS1207121F120 μH1.60 A
SLDS1207151F150 μH1.42 A
SLDS1207181F180 μH1.30 A
SLDS1207221F220 μH1.16 A
SLDS1207271F270 μH1.06 A
SLDS1207331F330 μH0.95 A
SLDS1207391F390 μH0.88 A
SLDS1207471F470 μH0.79 A
SLDS1207561F560 μH0.73 A
SLDS1207681F680 μH0.67 A
SLDS1207821F820 μH0.60 A
SLDS1207102F1000 μH0.55 A
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