CRIBIS Prime Company

We are pleased to announce that Itacoil has received the prestigious recognition of CRIBIS Prime Company. This acknowledgement rewards our constant commitment to establishing highly reliable business relationships, positioning us among the most virtuous companies in Italy.

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What is CRIBIS Prime Company?

Cribis Prime Company is a highly valuable recognition awarded to only a small percentage of Italian companies, selected for the highest level of commercial reliability. This evaluation is conducted by Cribis, a company within the CRIF Group specializing in business information, using the Cribis D&B Rating. This indicator, based on a sophisticated statistical algorithm, assesses the likelihood that a company will encounter serious commercial insolvencies. Numerous variables, including personal information, balance indices, payment experiences, and the presence of negative information, contribute to defining this accurate assessment.

Being a Cribis Prime Company attests to our commitment to maintaining solid economic and commercial reliability, demonstrating virtuosity in payments to suppliers.

Who is Cribis?

Cribis is a leading Italian company that provides services for commercial credit management and business development, both nationally and internationally. As an integral part of the CRIF Group, Cribis has over 200 consultants and provides support across a wide range of sectors. Its main activities include credit management and the provision of detailed information about companies. Additionally, Cribis compiles the ranking of PRIME COMPANIES, recognizing businesses with the highest degree of reliability in commercial relationships.

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We are proud of this prestigious milestone, and want to share our experience with you. The reliability that sets us apart extends to our relationship with customers, translating into a strong focus on all their needs, the supply of high-quality products, and personalized high-level support.

Choosing ITACOIL means relying on a trusted partner. Contact us today to discover how our collaboration can bring tangible benefits to your business.

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