Smoothing and HF EMI/EMC inductors – SLR-SLD series

  • Designed for ripple smoothing, very good for EMC and energy storage use (filters, DC/DC converters, etc..).
  • High saturation currents.
  • Excellent current/dimensions – cost ratio.
  • Design kit available.
  • Custom versions on request.
Image module
Code Rated Inductance Rated Current 3D File
SLD04064R7 4.7µH 2.75A
SLR03154R7 4.7µH 5.80A
SLR05154R7 4.7µH  6.40A
SLR06204R7 4.7µH  11.5A
SLR08204R7 4.7µH 13.5A
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