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Environmental sustainability

Attention to innovation also translates into continuous research for sustainable technology solutions.

Our commitment ranges from minor to major initiatives, but all of them are integral parts of a useful system.

Some examples are:

  • energy saving;
  • the exclusive use of energy from renewable sources;
  • encouraging the use of electric or hybrid vehicles through the installation of charging stations;
  • the substitution of paper with electronic media in all possible internal or external applications;
  • the study of new environment-friendly production processes;
  • the use of chemicals that are among the least polluting.

The next paragraph describes one of the major initiatives implemented by ITACOIL with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the processes.

Project “Energy Efficiency” 2022-2023

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The project is carried out at our headquarters and involves:

  • increasing efficiency of the compressed air supply and distribution system, through
    • the replacement of the air compressor and dryer with high-efficiency units
    • the renovation of the distribution system for preventing energy consumption due to air leaks
  • improving and increasing efficiency of the lighting, thanks to the replacement of neon tubes with LED tubes
  • expanding the photovoltaic system, doubling the installed capacity.


The primary goal of this project is to drastically reduce the environmental impact of ITACOIL headquarters by reducing energy consumption and increasing clean energy production.


Thanks to the improved efficiency of the compressed air system and lighting, we expect a reduction of the annual energy consumption equal to 4.08 TOE (Tonnes of Oil Equivalent), or a 32.3% decrease in consumption.
We also expect the expansion of the photovoltaic system to enable a energy production that will at least cover the whole energy demand of the processes, bringing the annual environmental benefit to 22 TOE.

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ITACOIL uses renewable and Zero Impact® energy

When the photovoltaic system at ITACOIL headquarters cannot cover the full energy demand, we make sure to buy exclusively electric energy coming from renwable sources with low environmental impact.

The European Union promotes, develops and guarantees the production of electric energy from renewable sources. This is done through the RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System), an international standard certification program that involves producers, traders, organizations and certification companies in the electricity sector in different countries.

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Through the following certificates, Lifegate SpA attests and guarantees that the provided energy comes from renewable sources that do not deplete resources or cause irreversible harm to the environment.