CM Inductors – SCLU series

  • Linear common mode inductors, available in different sizes and versions.
  • Sectional windings versions for better filtering at high frequencies.
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression and good differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences.
  • High insulation between windings.
  • Excellent performance/dimensions ratio.
  • Custom versions on request.
Image module
Code Rated Indcutance Rated Current 3D File
SCLU09xxx (vertical) 2x 1.5…68mH 2.10A…0.31A
SCLU09Hxxx (horizontal) 2x 1.5…68mH 2.10A…0.31A
SCLU10xxx (vertical) 2x 1.5…68mH 2.10A…0.31A
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