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Current shunts
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We produce resistive current shunts for D.C. and A.C., though we are able to produce them according to the client's design, for big quantities; we suggest two preferential models that we can also supply in lower quantities.
Code Voltage drop* Average current* Peak current* Layout
Diametro nominale pins suggested PCB holes diameter
 SHT01  40 mV/A  3,8 A  30 A  4 x 6,6 mm 0,8 mm  1,1 mm
 SHT02  16 mV/A  6,3 A  50 A  4,3x8,5 mm 1,0 mm  1,3 mm

* These parameters are approximate because the voltage drop also depends on other factors such as the thickness PCB, holes metallization and so on. The average current given is the one which allows to have shunts heating normally considered acceptable (temperature increase approximately around 80-100 °C). As the shunt's material can bear very high temperatures with a very good stability of the resistive value (max +0,3% between 20 and 300°C), practically actual continous currents only depend on which heat can be accepted by the user.
It is important to remark that the peak current can also be much higher than the average current. Average current value is multiplied by 13 to obtain peaks' duration and frequency values.
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