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Safety isolating transformers according to CEI EN61558-1(CEI 96-3) and CEI EN 61558-2-6 (CEI 96-7)
Primary and secondary windings in separate sections
Encapsulation in epoxy resin
Hot-dip tin coated phosphor bronze pins
Pin size: Max diameter = 0,90mm , Minimum length = 4mm
Primary side marking
5KV Primary to Secondary dielectric strength
100% tested
RoHS compliant
Custom versions on request
Code Primary
Secondary Output Fuses
1214S106 230V 6V - 683mA fuse 800mA
1214S109 230V 9V - 455mA fuse 500mA
1214S112 230V 12V - 341mA fuse 400mA
1214S115 230V 15V - 273mA fuse 315mA
1214S118 230V 18V - 227mA fuse 250mA
1214S124 230V 24V - 170mA fuse 200mA
1214S206 230V 2x6V - 341mA 2 fuses 400mA
1214S209 230V 2x9V - 227mA 2 fuses 250mA
1214S212 230V 2x12V - 170mA 2 fuses 200mA
1214S215 230V 2x15V - 137mA 2 fuses 150mA
1214T106 115V 6V - 683mA fuse 800mA
1214T109 115V 9V - 455mA fuse 500mA
1214T112 115V 12V - 341mA fuse 400mA
1214T115 115V 15V - 273mA fuse 315mA
1214T118 115V 18V - 227mA fuse 250mA
1214T124 115V 24V - 170mA fuse 200mA
1214T206 115V 2x6V - 341mA 2 fuses 400mA
1214T209 115V 2x9V - 227mA 2 fuses 250mA
1214T212 115V 2x12V - 170mA 2 fuses 200mA
1214T215 115V 2x15V - 137mA 2 fuses 150mA

a 41,5
b 35,5
h 27,5
x 5,0
y 25,0
pins side
pins side

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